Learning Management Software – Providing Support to E-learning

It is really hard being a teacher especially when you have multitude of classes that you must handle. Memorizing the names of all the students is hard enough and managing their progress, their skills, their achievements and other data about them is quite a tedious task. What more if there is a huge number of students taking the course? When electronic learning was introduced to the market, it was warmly acknowledged by the market. The education industry showed a very positive response to this modern education platform. Working students and undergraduates became the dominant subscriber of this modern learning method. According to Ambient Insight Research, the growing number of e-learners will quadruple in next 4 years. It is estimated that 81 percent of post-secondary students in the USA will be taking some or all of their courses online by 2014.

Although this modern teaching system is capable of teaching a multitude number of students managing them is another thing. This is where Learning Management software comes in. This software application’s main purposes are consisting of documentation, reporting, tracking of training programs and other administrative purposes. It delivers online learning and training process of corporate companies and learning facilities like universities and colleges. Learning management system or LMS is quite similar to VLE or Virtual learning Environment in terms that it allows instructors and lectures to manage training and education courses and switch over information with elearners within the scheduled time frame. To put it in a more layman’s term, if a teacher has an assistant teacher that helps him/her in managing him/her pupils, LMS is the software counterpart of the assistant teacher in the virtual learning environment.

There are many characteristics of a learning managing system. The following are few of its many characteristics:

Overall Management

This software application is responsible for managing users, roles, courses, facilities, instructors and it even generates reports.

Course Calendar

Time is essential in online training and learning. Creating a course calendar depends on the objective of the education module.

Student Notification

Another characteristic of the system is providing updates and notification for students through messaging. Learners are given notification of upcoming test and other activities.

Assessment and Evaluation

The system is also responsible for the evaluation of each pupil. It compares track record and data of each learner before and after the training program to determine the learner’s progress and know if the training program is effective.

Score and Transcript Display

The managing system also is responsible for displaying results, scores, transcripts of each user complete with analysis of each user’s progress.

LMS is vital and essential for universities and college who offer electronic learning because this application enables entities to align learning initiatives with strategic goals. It makes global certification efforts simpler and most importantly, it can provide a means of enterprise-level skills management. With the continuous growing number of e-learners, it is more difficult to handle each student, which is why business solution companies continue to develop better learning management software that will support computer based learning.