Higher Education in India – Its Drawbacks and Suggestion For Reforms

Today the world is of science, new inventions and competitions to excel over the other. We can be proud to be a part of our great country but the world has shrunk today to a common platform on the basis of higher education and learning. Everybody has to be ready to receive and contribute towards new ideas, thoughts and systems. To gain the benefits of modern society and compete with the outside world, it is necessary that youth of our country get higher education. More and more avenues of higher education are provided to them at affordable prices and in all locations so that all round development in personality of the complete society takes place. Rather now it is the duty of each individual to ask for higher studies and be broadminded.

During the last few years, universities have increased manifold to impart higher education through various colleges all over the country. Liberal grants have been sanctioned by University Grants Commission. Many colleges have emerged in the private sector also to provide higher education. In different big cities and towns, massive infrastructure of buildings has come – up which is supposed to be the centre of higher learning. However, theses centres have started converting into hot beds of political intrigues. They were expected to radiate learning, discipline, sense of responsibility towards the nation, but they seem to be breathing violence, indiscipline, strikes, political groupism and even vandalism. The House of worship and learning has turned into the House of Satan. The youth is turning unpatriotic. The students take admission in these universities for the sake of just qualification instead of developing self-reliance, confidence and a sense of duty with planned career.

Now -a-days, we find that there is over-crowding in the classes of higher education also. The ratio of teachers as compared to pupils is very low and the teachers don’t have any personal feelings with the students. And thus higher education is examination ridden. Easy and shortcut methods are being adopted to achieve success. The students are getting fascinated to all things except books. The dependence on the Examinations only is the main cause of deterioration in our education system. No real or practical knowledge is gained by the students. There is a big gap between the practical life and education in colleges. Going to colleges seems to be a place of enjoyment in paradise for the students. However, their rosy dreams are shattered when they come out of colleges and enter the actual life. They have to return disappointed when they search for a service from door to door. It is due to purely technical education given to them.

The system of imparting higher education should be such that after completing education in college, the youth should not be dependent solely on service, but must be able to start some independent small scale industry or business on his own. Vocationalisation of education is the need of the hour. More and more technical and vocational institutions need to be started where training modules in practical aspects of career must be compulsory. Every effort should be made to inspire the students with noble and innovative ideas. It should be compulsory for students to appear in psychological tests. This will enable the students to choose subjects and careers of their own choice. In this way, the students can plan their careers from the very beginning. Just after their schooling, they would be able to decide the career which they wish or are interested in pursuing.

For more success in higher education, it is required that instead of lengthy examinations at a stretch, the due importance should be given to intelligence tests, personal interview and class room works at regular intervals. The development of clean character towards prosperity of nation is another important aim of higher education. The aspects of these higher studies must develop lessons of national integration as well as international integration and unity more effectively.

A great stress needs to be given for establishing good libraries in our colleges and universities. Students should be encouraged to make free use of them under the able guidance of teachers free of cost. More discussions and arguments on varied topics can impart more knowledge and information than more lecturing and completing the course. Equally important are the laboratories with latest equipments and items. To test the learning of books, students need to have good laboratories. An experiment is an unending quest of learning and knowledge on a permanent basis. The institutions providing higher education should be made temples of the modern age.

9 Imperative Benefits of Digital Education Platforms

What Is A Digital Education Platform?

A digital learning platform is a software ecosystem with tools that gives learners, teachers, parents and administrators access to common communication tools, information, and resources, not only within the school but outside it as well. When used correctly, it can significantly minimize expenditure on IT and administration, reduce teacher workload, and enhance learning and teaching experience.

For years, printed textbooks have been used, but today some companies have made the intensive efforts to shift from print study materials to digital tools in the form of digital educational platforms. With this change, content has become more interactive and engaging, and the advantages are obvious.

It includes tailored learning technologies ingrained around a digital textbook and can be personalized by faculty to fulfill the requirements of the specific class. They can be easily used on any device and usually involve problems, games, and quizzes to keep students interested and engaged in the topic. Not only these platforms are economical for students to get it, but, when compared to lugging around books, they’re extremely convenient to use online.

Digital Education: An Adaptable Approach

One of the biggest benefits of digital learning is its power to bring the classroom to life with ample of features that benefit not only students but also teachers.

Not only do these platforms work well with students in mastering the content, but they also prepare students with the technical knowledge and skills required for future courses and jobs. The innovative technology and personalized learning integrated into these platforms have lots of benefits.

The 9 Imperative Benefits Of Digital Learning Platforms

These platforms are growing continuously across a wide range of educational institutions, from primary wings to universities. Here are 9 benefits which cannot be overlooked-

1. Improved organization of communication and information

It can assist a school to make sure every student, parent, teacher, and administrator gets access to the information they need, and when they need it.

2. More parental involvement

Using it, parents can get better informed about their child’s progress and school news, and eventually, the learner gets more support at home to continue their learning.

3. More opportunities for personal learning

Using these platforms leads to a higher range of learning resources, and so can both support and motivate independent learners.

4. Improving quality and variety of educational resources

Online education platforms let teachers the opportunity to supplement or replace the textbook with a different range of learning and teaching resources, both in the classroom and online.

5. Bigger opportunities for interaction and collaboration

Collaboration between schools and teachers to merge expertise and resources, and better collaboration between learners, are a few of the most remarkable benefits of making use of this platform.

6. Taking advantage of teachers’ time to attain positive results

Digital education platforms provide several benefits for administrators and teachers by automating several tasks that they need to do regularly. Consequently, schools get more time to focus on their core activity- teaching.

7. Smoothing the progress of strategic leadership and teaching management

With the assistance of modern digital learning platforms, the education sector can get benefitted from faster and clearer communication among all the people involved in education.

8. Enhanced management of student attendance and behavior

They have been found to aid schools’ efforts for improving student attendance and encourage positive behavior.

9. Developing the school identity and community

These platforms assist increase school democracy and offer their students a voice, usually leading to a persuasive sense of school community.

E-learning platform technology is ever-developing today: it’s now faster, more secure, and convenient to use, and it easily gets integrated with other third-party systems in order to create a much more comprehensive studying environment students.

Digital Education: An Access to a Modern World

Today, they are more likely to play an increasingly crucial role as more and more schools and teachers want to develop their use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in different areas. By providing communication channels, educational course and tools and school management systems, the best education platforms offer students and teachers a single and quick gateway to using technology inside as well as outside the classroom.

Upgrade to the Modern and Accurate Method of Online Measurement Conversions

Fortunately, there are many companies that have come up with online weight unit conversion tables to ameliorate the problem.

Accurate Weight Measurements

To ease this problem, there are a number of websites on the internet that can help those who need to convert grams to ounces for instance without doing the equation manually. These conversion websites have come up with solutions to convert various units besides weight, currency, volume, power, energy, time, temperature, velocity, cooking, clothing, time zones, data storage, etc. The online conversion sites have solutions backed by very complicated mathematics programming to ensure that they provide the answers requested perfectly correct and instantly. Irrespective of the amount of data requested, they can handle them and provide the user with correct and accurate results every time. The site uses specialised software programming that gives the individual requesting the answer promptly without any delay.

Distance Measurements

These conversion portals are programmed to convert different types of inputs from weights, areas, distances, volumes, speeds, currencies and other requests accurately and instantly. When calculating different types of measurements there is usually a formula which has been calculated accurately and is known to most individuals. For example, when the measurement conversion is from mm to inches, using the online unit conversion website guarantees you the correct result exactly and in double quick time. Measurement conversions are only one facet of the solutions provided by these websites; they also provide temperature conversion, currency conversion, weight conversion, area conversion, distance conversion to name a few. By using these websites which have these solutions prepared by professionals in individual fields, the user can guarantee the results without a shred of doubt.

Exact Conversion Equations

Measurement usually involves the use of specifically calibrated instruments or tools in a particular unit of measure, i.e. a ruler or measuring tape can be used for this type of measurement. It can also convert mm to inches, but it usually would involve a physical approach, reading out the measurements, and calculating the conversion; but it would not be one hundred percent accurate all the time, because of the human factor. Mathematicians have already calculated that 1mm equals 0.03937 inches and 1 inch corresponds to 25.4 mm, but using these equations requires time and could be prone to errors. However, using these specialist online conversion websites, the user would find it to be the best way to guarantee exact conversion measurement results every time.

Online converter sites are found to be the best, fastest, and easiest way for any type of measurement conversion, and is available free of charge.

What Is a Modern-Day Prepper?

In a nutshell, the modern-day Prepper is a Survivalist. A Prepper is a person who actively prepares for emergencies such as natural disasters, war, social unrest, or disruptions in food, water, or fuel supplies. Some Preppers learn martial arts or archery skills, others store weapons and ammo, but most stockpile food, water, fuel, and medical supplies in an effort to become more self-sufficient and prepared for any catastrophe. There are also those Preppers who build above or below ground structures, or convert vehicles to help their families survive disasters.

The discerning Prepper doesn’t only prep for disasters, but also for loss of a job, illness, family emergencies, etc. Would you rather have a full pantry or an empty one if you should suddenly lose your job or get ill and can’t work for a period of time? You never know what is around the corner.

Now some people think Preppers are selfish people because they stockpile food, medicines, water, etc., but these people are usually the naysayers of this world. They are the type of person who would never prepare for anything, who think “it would never happen to them.” Well guess what, it can, and it will. Remember Katrina? Super-storm Sandy, the recent toxic spill in West Virginia? Preppers are not whackos (although admittedly there are some that come really close), nor are they uneducated. In fact some of the Preppers I know are highly educated people who have educated themselves in self-reliance and prepping and will be ready. Will you be ready when the catastrophe waiting to happen… happens?

Historically there have always been Preppers. Before we had grocery stores and vehicles we were far more self-reliant. We used to grow and preserve much of our own food and barter with others for what we didn’t produce ourselves or for services. If something bad happened, there was no FEMA or Red Cross to bail us out, all we had to rely upon was ourselves. For the most part we used natural remedies for a variety of afflictions and we looked after our tools, handmade clothes, and possessions. As you can see, in the past we were all Preppers of a kind, with skills, many of which have been forgotten. Thankfully many people are realizing there is still so much value in these old skills and knowledge and are re-learning them everyday.

Now you know what a Prepper is, why not become one yourself? Your family will thank you one day.

5 Modern Job Profiles That You Can Apply for Right After Your Mass Comm

The mass communication degree is probably the only bachelor program that provides you with the maximum career freedom. You can choose to become anything, you can apply for any profile. Be it management or technical, legal or hospitality, a mass comm graduate can find a job anywhere. Probably this is the reason why the selection often becomes difficult as the variety of available options naturally leads to confusion. You will definitely want a profile with high-demands, good scopes and a decent salary. But you will also want a job that is fairly modern and currently rising towards its peak.

So, here is a list of the top 5 such modern jobs that are literally driving the market. The demand for skilled professionals is very high and their future is nothing but bright. With a mass communication degree from the top Polytechnic college from Delhi, you will be eligible to apply for all and also possess the skill-set to thrive there. Take notes, start planning and more importantly, build your mindset.

  1. Corporate communicator

This is a moderately high-paying profile where you will be responsible for releasing every official communication of a corporation. Be it a press release about a product launch or a statement issued to the public by a top executive, your job is to draft a publicly acceptable content sending out a clear professional message. Even in-house memos are often passed through a corporate communicator so that there are no loopholes dismantling the company policies. Naturally, the job demands excellent communication skills across all platforms combined with the understanding of the mass psychology, things you learn in your mass comm degree.

  1. Digital advertisement

Advertising is not a modern a job, but its digital counterpart is. The demand is overwhelming in the current landscape where almost every company, irrespective of their size, are investing substantially in digital advertising. A bit different from marketing, advertising is more about copywriting, playing with the audience’s emotions and coming up with strategies that will boost the company’s revenue. You need to be privy with all the available digital advertising platforms and avenues along with some background technical knowledge. You may choose to work for a firm or join a dedicated independent brand.

  1. Graphic designing

This profile has really exploded, in a good sense. Even freelance graphic designers earn a healthy income now which should give you a fair idea about the current potential. Most mass communication graduates do not even think of becoming graphic designers but the era when it was once unrelated as passed. Now, graphics do most of the talking with people, be it on marketing campaigns or the websites. And your knowledge of communicating with the masses can really gel well with graphic designing. You can add psychology to your designs which a technical designer can’t and you will be hired for your creative touch.

  1. Public relations

Once, this was a job for the retired journalists. But now, the profile seeks young talent. Public relations as a profile has also evolved with the changing market where social media, search engines, online media and much more have become the preferred platforms. Here, the mere ability to write a story is not enough. You must also be capable of amplifying the content, employ analytical tools to find the target audience and craft a campaign satisfying everyone’s needs. The best college in the polytechnic colleges in Delhi list teaches you these necessary skills during your mass comm course where you get the perfect blend of both technical and analytical knowledge.

  1. Production

The scopes here is as broad as the term itself. You can combine your videography and outreach skills to bag a job as a production executive. Experts believe that videos are going to rule the marketing sector next and the effect is already visible. As a professional here, you can be a part of a team that creates videos for advertising purposes or shoots documentaries for media houses. You may be shooting, editing, marketing or monitoring. It can be digital or over the television. Your core knowledge of mass communication is enough to pass you through the doors. From there on, it depends on your interest and fascination.

Polytechnic for Women College South Extension – 1, is an institute that features at the top in the list of rank wise polytechnic colleges in Delhi when it comes to mass communication. The degree here is combined with journalism and advertising which makes your stance even more solid for any of the above profiles. Skills will never be an issue. You will also have the knowledge. All you have to do is to find your calling among all the choices available.