"Bookworms" Get Insulted in the Modern Education System

Often students fond who are very fond of reading books are labeled by their comrades as “bookworms”. Those words generally come from the mouths of students who consider themselves as being “gamesters” or “studs”. Boys who shine in athletics or in the playing of some game-particularly cricket, consider that the games field is a better or nobler arena for their activities and the expenditure of their energies than the classroom or the reading desk. The idea is born out of an inferiority complex inherent in the games-minded students who actually envy their fellows who shine academically. Academic honor have a glamor which is unique.

The playing of games is a worthy activity, in the sense that the team spirit can be endangered in the individual only if he has learned how to participate in the playing of games. It is true that the feeling of cooperation can be cultivated in a person only through group activity. But studies should not be sacrificed in order that students devote their time only to the playing of the games. The boys who become obsessed with the playing, particularly of cricket, begin to ignore their studies and then their academic ability suffers, as it must.

Let each type of activity have its own place in our daily round and then only, and then alone, will the balanced division of interests produce the individual with a proper perspective of things. Then will we have the student who is both academically good and who can excel in sports also, that is the personality we want our educational system to produce.

The “bookworms” are very intellectual and can also share their valuable time and knowledge in educational portals like IndiaStudyChannel, where they can learn while earn. These types of more educational portals should be more encouraged as here students can gain valuable knowledge and know also new things!