Big Mind Evaluation – Integrating Ancient Zen and Modern Psychology Achieving Balanced Equanimity

The Big Mind evaluation is created from ancient Zen,

Transcended and Integrated into the Deepest aspects, practice and training of

Modern Zen,

Integrating Jungian Psychology techniques, thus,

Manifesting a ‘way’ to look at the way ‘we – our -self’ initially sees… Life

~ Zen Master D ~ Dennis Paul Merzel

Completed the Zuisse Ceremony at Sojiji and Eiheiji Temples in Japan, signifying the recognition of the authenticity of his Dharma transmission by the governing body of Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan, becoming the third Zen Priest outside Japan to be offered the title of Dai Osho (Great Priest) in the Soto Zen Tradition.

In 1999 He created the Big Mind process.

This process is having profound results in many fields, including psychotherapy, law, medicine, education, mediation, business, athletics, social work, family therapy, and work with prison inmates, hospital patients and the dying.


Our mental thought processes can be thought of like a big company…

A company of employees doing their very important line of ‘work’…

But each employee thinks, they are the boss and that their job is the most important of all.

These employees have titles such as:

The Controller, The Protector, The Skeptic, FEAR, The Victim, The voice of Resistance, The Damaged Self, The Fixer, The Vulnerable and Innocent Child…

~ The voices that take us beyond our current situation or understanding of life ~

The Voices of Freedom, The voice of Desire, The Seeking Mind, The Mind that Seeks the Way, The Follower of the Way,

~ The Transcendent Voices – The Way ~

~ Big Mind ~ Big Heart ~

~ The Fully Integrated Free Functioning Human Being ~

These ‘departments of egos’, distract us from logically and empirically taking the larger picture, the broader perspective, which one needs to make more balanced decisions.

There are some emotional egos that our rational minds are so embarrassed or repulsed by that we choose to effectively ‘Dis-Own’ them.

These ‘issues’ can’t simply be ‘disowned’ or we simply can’t be in denial of them to make them go away…

They go ‘covert’.

All issues must be fully realized, and understood…

Before one can begin to Transcend them, Grow and Go Beyond.

When these mental departments become ‘Disowned’…

They go undercover, they become a psychological ‘Shadow’.

We don’t see this trait in ourselves now, but we are highly sensitive of this in others,

So much that we are quick to be outraged as we ‘project’ our ‘issues’ onto others that have similar ‘issues’.

By putting a ‘voice’ to these ’employees’, we can effectively ‘psycho-analyze’ our general thought processes. By compartmentalizing these various mental perspectives, we can then stand back and see the big picture, allowing a much more adequate solution and a more balanced psychological outlook.


Meditation is the core starting point with this ‘Big Mind’ Process.